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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Tania Claire - Wedding Supplier Dream Team

Over the years I have worked with many different wedding suppliers in a wide range of fields within the wedding industry.
Some of them are awesome people who are both highly skilled in what they do and how they approach a wedding as well as being genuinely nice people as well.
Of course, I have worked with people who aren't quite so good at what they do and who I would not recommend, but, we won't go there.

So, here's the first of hopefully many posts about wedding suppliers that I would recommend and who you should seriously consider for your wedding.

For this first post there was only ever going to be one supplier I was going to feature, and that is Tania Claire.
crazy family portrait

Tania is an Airbrush Make Up Artist based in Surrey.
I've known Tania for several year now, and we have built up a great friendship and working relationship, and she is simply one of the best in the business.

crazy family portrait

Tania uses Airbrush Make Up, something that's becoming very popular now. She was trained at Pinewood Studios in 2008 to use an Airbrush, and when it's used right, it produces a simply flawless finish that traditional make up struggles to compete with.

One thing to note here is that unlike some others, Tania was professionally trained in the use of Airbrush Makeup, something that not everyone is.
Airbrush Make Up is becoming ever more popular, but you need to make sure your Make Up Artist is properly trained in it's use, otherwise, just as in everything else in life, the results might not be as you had hoped.

What I love about Tania and her work is that she doesn't just cake the make up on, she's guided by what the client wants and can do very light, very natural make up that is barely even there, through to the really heavy stuff if that's what you want.
I love that she's not tied to any particular brand of make up and uses a range of products from a range of brands based on what she feels works best.
She understands that not all clients wear a lot of make up and she understands that many people can have allergic reactions to it too, and so will guide you through everything to make sure you are comfortable and happy.

crazy family portrait

Tania is also just a lovely person to be around, she's happy and bubbly and can talk to anyone, immediatly putting the client at ease and fitting into any situation.

On a wedding day she gels with how I feel a wedding supplier should act, she is there to make the day go smoothly and enhance your experience of it, something she does very naturally.
She can be useful to have around on a wedding day for other reasons too outside of make up, for instance, she's skilled in lacing up corsets, so can offer a guiding hand if your bridesmaids or mother are struggling with your lace up wedding dress.

All in all, she's a great Make Up Artist, highly skilled and very reliable. You will be very happy if you chose her for your wedding day make up needs.
Check out her website to learn more;

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Crazy family Portrait - The Flying Wilsons

I love doing these Photoshopped portraits, and here's my latest one.
This time its a family portrait of the Wilson Family.

Dad is a Pilot while mum is an Artist, so the idea soon came to me to get them riding on a plane!

Luckily they had a rocking horse in their kitchen, so it was a simple matter of posing them all on that, one at a time to get the shots I needed to create this composite.

I had a great time making this, and the family loved the final image and have a lovely framed print of it on their wall.

Do you ave an idea for a crazy family portrait?
Get in touch to discuss your idea.

crazy family portrait

crazy family portrait

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Engagement Shoots in Surrey - From Nervous to Loving it.

I really enjoy doing Engagement shoots and I do feel they can really help with some of your pre-wedding nerves when it comes to your photography.

In fact, I had one Bride who was incredibly nervous when we did the engagement shoot, she was so very shy, but then, on the wedding day, she thanked me for the shoot saying how it really helped her and praised me to her friends saying how she had total confidence in me.
And during that day, she really worked it and played up to the camera, and she got some stunning shots because of it.

Below we have Jennifer and Jon, and they're a fairly typical couple of mine. This photo was taken within maybe 5 mins of actually taking photos after we have had a chat and broken the ice.
They're clearly happy, but also nervous and a little apprehensive.
So fairly typical of most couples I meet at the start of an Engagement shoot.

Surrey Engagement Shoots

The photos below are some of the last photos I took, and here we can see that they're now totally relaxed and into it. They did this pose pretty much off their own back, so they had started to get into the rhythm of the shoot. Something which will stand them in good stead when it comes to their wedding day.

Surrey Engagement Shoots

Surrey Engagement Shoots

Surrey Engagement Shoots

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